Eastern Massachusetts Business Association, Inc. (EMBA)

Eastern Massachusetts Business Association, Inc. (EMBA) was founded by a group of experienced business professionals to increase business for EMBA members by word of mouth referrals. Our motto is “Half the cost… Twice the business!”. EMBA is not designed to profit off of simply increasing the numbers of warm bodies in a room. Instead the focus is on actual increased business for EMBA members.

Quality and fit of potential members with other businesses in the group are taken very seriously. For businesses to be successful they need to be able to work together. Arbitrary lines defining businesses in a way that does not actually represent the way they operate in the real world are counterproductive.  We require members and potential members to submit proof of their business insurance coverage so that EMBA members can be comfortable in dealing with one another in knowing that insurance coverage is in place.

EMBA members meet once a week as a group for an hour and a half. The purpose of the meetings isn’t social. EMBA’s membership is diverse and covers a variety of different businesses.  Or meetings are designed to provide the most effective means of updating EMBA members of new opportunities and new information and new developments which can lead to new business for our members.

We encourage interested businesses to come visit one of our meetings to see if EMBA may be a fit for your business.